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Latest on our blog

1 June 2022

Different ways for Management of Dry eye Symptoms

To manage a dry eye condition people should focus on certain things they can do easily like Blink regularly, taking frequent breaks while accessing computer screens, washing eyelids with cool or lukewarm water, apply a warm compress to eyes, wear onion glasses, eat more fish, use a air filter, get more sleep and take gluten free diet

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15 May 2022

People who access more digital devices or screens regularly

People who access more digital devices or screens or we can say people whose profession is related to work regularly on computer screen, can opt for using latest accessories that may prevent dry eye or can give relief to the patient who already have dry eyes. If you wear glasses while looking at digital displays, latest eyewear accessory- blue light blocking clip on lenses, could make viewing time experience more comfortable. Lenses also reduce the glare from any fluorescent light whether it’s in home, office or anywhere

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25 March 2022

Safety Measure of Dry Eye while Driving

To reduce the burden on the eyes and to safeguard your wellbeing and effectiveness in driving, it is very important to ensure the eyes are very much refreshed and to ensure that an individual generally wears restorative eyewear if necessary. It is generally a lot more secure and brings about less strain assuming an individual wear their remedial solution while driving.

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